1 hour Reiki session by Master Reiki Alexandra Panaite.

Cost of the session is £100.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal physical and mental trauma and to support mental clarity.

The word ‘Rei’ in Japanese it refers to a higher intelligence, the Univers,God’s wisdom or the Higher Power. And the word “ki” it means life force energy, the non physical energy that flows through everything alive including animals, plants and and human beings.

During the session the practitioner channels life force energy through his hands unto another. Usually through the spiritual guidance the practitioner enables reiki to flow to the affected parts of the subject’s energy field and change them into positive one. Therefore the negative energy like anxiety, stress, physical pain, sadness, low confidence becomes diminished.

Most people feel relaxed after the treatment, you may feel a little tired but you may feel full of energy.

The most important part is that you start the process of healing yourself and you will see amazing results straight away.